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Monday, November 14th, 2005
1:26 am
maybe not so goth after all....
so i have to say that bauhaus was very disappointing. they were much better in 98' and it looks like peter murphy is turning into john waters...he was very creepy and. but i'm not sure if it was all the bands fault, and sorry to all of you from boston, but....i hate seeing shows in boston. the crowds are always so fucking reserved and bland that i would hate performing in front of them. and it's not that i'm a new york snob (although technically i am) but i think that show would have been much better in nyc in front of a crowd that at least had a pulse. sorry...i just think boston is boring.

in other news i'm drunk and i just had a donut. it was delicious.
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
12:06 am
still goth after all these years.
i'm going to see bauhaus tomorrow night.

can you say old goth???
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
8:27 am
hectic as usual.
i went to a party on sat. night that a friend of mine had and although it was an alright time i left early to get some sleep so i could get up early and go to new haven on sunday. that and i was way older than most of the people there and i sort of felt like a chapparone.

sunday was fun. i got to new haven early and christy and i went shopping all around town, had a delicious lunch and basically got fried all day. my old roommate pauline had a party in the late afternoon to carve pumpkins and have a vegan potluck. it was fun and i saw some old friends so that rocked. afterward we went to see one of my favorite new bands. they are called landing and they play this sort of droney psychedelic music that is just amazing. if they come to your town don't miss it.

and monday i woke up early and christy had to work so i came home, that of course was via an outlet mall and a record store. i need to quit it with the shopping. although i didn't really buy much i still need to quit it. i came home went to the gym, bank, grocery store, laudromat, and finally out to dinner at this banging mexican restaurant. i was extremely tired and i don't know if it was the spicy food but i slept real shitty last night and i sort of feel like i need to lay on the couch today. it's probably because i was drunk all weekend and smoked a bunch of cigarettes again....which has to stop.....my lungs feel like shit and it makes my asthma go haywire. no more smoking!

i suppose it is time to get ready for the grind. things are really going well at the new salon, i actually don't mind going to work. how strange.

later cats.
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
9:14 am
sleep is for pussies.
so i went and saw the band adult last night at the middle east and they were really awesome. the opening band was called genders and they to were great. i also had a scandalous makeout with a hot boy. i apparently have lost any bit of shame i had as i've gotten older.

what a whore.

and i have to be at work in 45 minutes and i only got four hours of sleep. thank god my clients know i'm a dirty stay out.

on the flip side...i had a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 20th, 2005
6:26 pm
devendra is my boyfriend.
well as i expected, the devendra banhart show last night was great. the crowd was a bit annoying and very young but they didn't ruin my experience, the show was on point. the band of musicians he is touring with are really in tune with each other and it shows in the performance. i think i enjoyed his last run thru boston better when he played at the first church in cambridge but i still had a great time just the same. the first opening act was tarantula a.d. who were amazing and quite easy on the eyes. but the second opener was bunny brains and it was super stupid and contrived. they were just trying hard to sound, look, and act weird that it just made them look like a bunch of assholes. but once again i didn't let it ruin my night...devendra redeemed it all.

but of course i got home wicked late and for the first time in many months i called in to work. i just needed a day to lay on the couch and veg. thank god i'm self employed and don't have to fake sick, i just called my receptionist and had him cancel my day. i went to the gym, to brooks, to benny's (dept. store), and my final stop was home depot. now anyone who knows me knows i hate home depot but a client gave me a gift card for there and i needed a ladder so i sucked it up and went. not only did i get my ladder but i got an eyeful of big, burly, gorgeous men. who knew? i may have to start some projects around the house. woof.

time to get back on the couch and order some delcious mexican take-out.....thank god i went to the gym today... :)
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
9:44 pm
my crazy life...
so after last weekends excapades in new york you'd think i would chill out this weekend but no....apparentely i'm a non stop wild man. i did stay in on saturday night but sunday i did hair for a fashion show with my friend jamie and we got there around 4:30 and started drinking champagne around 5:00 and didn't end up getting home until after 2:00 in the morning.....can you say wasted?

and after a bit of a rough morning, yesterday i went to salem for the day and didn't get home until 8:00 and went to the gym for an hour and a half. am i psychotic?

tonight is a night of rest. i went to the gym during the day and now all i want to do is be prone.

tomorrow i'm going to see devendra banhart with my friend sean in boston at the somerville theater. i'm so fucking excited...maybe i'll put a love spell on him that will turn him gay and into bears and we'll fall deeply in love and start a gay love commune.

a boy can dream....right?

concert review to come...
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
8:27 am
rain, rain go away.
well new york was lots of fun and the dead can dance show was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. what wasn't fun however was the rain. after the show i was meeting a friend in the east village and it took me 45 minutes in the pouring rain to get a cab so by the time i got to the bar i looked and felt like i took a shower with all my clothes on. and of course my clothes i packed were at my friends house nowhere near where i was staying so i had to suck it up and just be freezing and uncomfortable all night. i did manage to get so drunk that i couldn't even have sex with the cute boy i was hooking up with....real cool. but we did have a good time and got up at two on sunday tried to go to brunch but my hangover was to fierce for food so i just wanted to die. after that he had to go to work so i took the subway with him to the village and ran into friends of mine from here (small city?) and got off the train and started walking and ran into my friends who i was staying with. now what are the chances that in a city of millions i would walk right into them...so strange. so i left him and went with my friends back to the apartment where we were laid up for the rest of the night. i was going to meet him that night but i was still too mauled to even try to get to brooklyn. next day we got up and went to the statue of liberty (my friends four year old son was with us) and had some lunch and went shopping. i did stop in and see the boy at work but only briefly and i'm not really sure where we stand but he was real cute and sweet and we seemed to have a fun time together so we'll see what happens. i didn't get back to providence until monday night around 11 and of course the dog kept me up all night so i was like the walking dead at work yesterday but i slept last night and feel much better so hopefully today won't suck as much.

the worst thing was i smoked cigarettes all weekend and my chest feels like i have bronchitis. new york is such a toxic place that i made me revert back to an old habit that i haven't done in over three years. i'm so mad at myself but no point crying about, just need to get the poison out of my system and forget that it even happened.

time for work kids.

stay gold.
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
10:51 pm
frantically packing.
so i'm going to nyc on saturday and i'm home trying to get my shit packed and get bank deposits together for tomorrow morning and also get keys made for my friend who's watching the dog...too much to do...always. i'm seeing dead can dance on saturday night and i'm getting into the city an hour before the show so i need to pack tonight so my friend claudia can bring my bags to where we are staying because she is leaving tomorrow. most importantly, i can't wait to see dead can dance. i've been a fan of their's for a real long time and i think this is the kind of show that will feel like a religous experience...so excited!

i'm also going to hangout with this kid who i met thru a friend so that could prove to be another fun aspect of my weekend...if not it's always good to have new friends.

and for fuck sake i better find a cute new pair of sneakers or i'm going to have to go apeshit! and some dope new music...and maybe a new moisturizer....and probably some new clothes.

shoppity shop shop!!!

later ho's.
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
7:22 pm
bye bye kitties.
well after a couple of harrowing days, the cats had to leave my house. this of course being that i was deathly allergic to them. i've had cats my whole life and i am allergic to them but i've grown accustomed to feeling sort of stuffy and i get accupuncture which helps tremendously but persian cats apparently pose a new threat to me. i have asthma but not real bad and haven't used an inhaler in like a year and a half but for three days that was all i could do. i've been crazy cleaning to get rid of the hair and dander...and the boy cat thought it a good idea to piss all over my favorite piece of furniture which will now need to be recovered.

fuck doing good deeds.

i need beer. and sex of course.
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
9:31 am
new additions.
well as usual all you have to do is tell me a sob story about animals and i turn into a huge pussy....so...i'm getting two new kitties today from one of my clients. they got a new dog that is huge and a freak and the cats are scared of it so they won't leave their bedroom and her husband wants them gone. he really sounds like a compassionate guy. or a big dickhead....you be the judge.

they are two years old, brother and sister and pure bred persians. how faggy is that? but even faggier are there names...are you ready....i don't think you are....todd and chloe. now am i mistaken or are those not really cat names??? oh well who am i to say anything, my cats are beast, and dreamboat annie. i hope they like the new siblilngs. if it doesn't work out i know tons of animal rights people here and besides i doubt it will be hard to adopt out two pure bred cats.

i'll let you know what happens.

wish me luck.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
10:25 am
how not to start your week.
so i go outside with the dog this morning and it's a little before eight and the first thing i see is this woman kicking her pitbull (the ghetto dog of choice) so i open my big mouth and she mumble's something and goes on her way. so as i'm walking down the street i look down just i time to miss tripping over a dead rat that was almost as big as my dog (she's a chihuahua). then i walk i little further and step in a pile of dogshit and of course i'm only wearing flip flops so it goes over the top and onto my toes.

is this the way i want to start my week?? not really. but i'm hoping that means all the bad shit is done and everything will be rainbows and unicorns.

i'm going to new york next week with the group from my salon for a little shopping weekend and i get the added bonus of having already lined up a date for sat. night. i'm going to see dead can dance then i'm meeting this boy who i met thru a friend who lives there that i've been chatting with. he is real cute and right up my alley so we'll see what happens. we've been talking online for about a month and just started talking on the phone and we have lots in common and he likes good music so enough said. i even got him to send my a dirty picture of himself...i of course returned the favor but that is not such a big deal for me. i think nudity is fun so sending dirty pictures is natural for me!

this week i'm looking forward to top model and miami ink. i love them both and as much as tried not watching ms. banks it was like crack....i couldn't resist temptation. i also bought season one of kung fu the series so i'm going to start watching that this week. i fucking loved that series when i was a kid and can't wait to watch the whole thing from beginning to end.

time for work. hopefull i won't step in anymore shit.
Monday, September 19th, 2005
8:48 am
fucking allergies!
i am about ready to stick two cotton balls up my nose and call it a day. for some reason this is my worst season for allergies and i've had a headache all week because of it. in my next life i will be allergy free and be able to eat what ever i want and not be sick from it....why am i falling apart and i'm only 34????

so it's been a pretty uneventful week for the most part. yesterday i went to brunch with a couple of friends and we took a walk afterwards and ended up at this bar on the water and had a few beers. this is the perfect season for me, it was sunny but not hot and humid. after that i dropped them off and cleaned my car and did my laundry and went to this pizza place and ordered a veggie sub, and this girl walks up to me and is like "are you sage francis?" now i understand that we both may live in the same town and share some physical traits (beard, chunky, vegetarian) but we look nothing alike and this isn't the first time it's happened.

so if you live in providence and you are a stupid college girl than no, i am not sage francis for fuck sake!

today i'm going to the gym, bank, post office and hopefully to the outlets....mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
9:12 am
so rock star inxs was so dope last night. i can't beleive i'm watching it but i only got into it three weeks ago so at least i'm not too obsessed. for those of you who are watching...i think j.d. is going to win. or at least come to me in my dreams and molest me.
i also need to stop watching miami ink. every night after i watch it i can't sleep because i sit and think about my next tattoo....the danger being i know a million tattoo artists, including my friend who owns my salon's husband. that is too close for comfort...especially if you need to get ink....

in other news...i need a date. damnit.
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
9:16 am
another weekend over... :(
so yesterday was just about the most boring day i've had in a while. i woke up and went to the gym early and came home and started cleaning when my friends started calling about what we should do. a couple of them were going to the beach, but i'm not really a go in the sun kind of guy so i passed and went to my friends dee and anthony's house where we ate quiznos in the backyard and made friendship bracelets and drank beer. yes you read that correctly friendship bracelets....hi...am i in eighth grade. all be it boring, we had lots of fun just talking and acting goofy. afterwards i came home and made some yummy dinner and laid on the couch watching mindless crap until i fell asleep and woke up at 1:30 in the morning and went to bed.

today i'm back to the salon to make providence a prettier place....lord knows it needs some help.

i also found out that i'm going to nyc to see dead can dance on oct.8th and i can't wait. i've been a big fan for a long time and i'm really excited to see them live.

and not to sound random but i can't wait to see rock star inxs tonight. i'm so into it and it's getting down to the end. i'm also liking miami ink. probably because i like tattooed boys and there are plenty of them on this show,and it is way better than that show inked.

hope everyone has a great tuesday!
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
10:21 pm
i heart p-town.
so christy gets to my house at like seven last night and we go to target and buy a bunch of shit we didn't need and on the way home we decide to go the alley cat which is a total old queen hangout where we proceeded to drink the bar out of jameson. so typical for a gay bar to not have more jameson, needless to say we got hammered. surprisingly we weren't that hungover so we hopped in the car and drove to p-town where we had a super fun day. i always remember how much i love the cape when i'm there and our day just rocked! we shopped, ate, drank, and cruised boys...well i cruised boys and christy was mostly just horrified at me. i felt relaxed today that was more needed than anything. that feeling of course ended when i pulled onto my street only to find a broken bottle in my driveway....but hey providence is a shit hole, what else is new.

tomorrow will be gym, and hopefully a beach or park day.

i like my weekends to feel like mini vacations.

sweet dreams.
Saturday, September 10th, 2005
8:09 am
my weeks almost over.
so this marks my first single week and i must say that i really do feel pretty good and find myself thinking about him less and less, i guess i just knew it was going nowhere, so i think it may be time to get a bit whorey. just kidding (sort of!)

my friend christy is coming from new haven tonight after work and we are planning on going to p-town tomorrow for the day. i havent been all summer because i find it unbearable with all those stupid twinks and muscle queens on e, but i due like to go in the fall and even in the winter. it has a decelate feel off season and for some reason i love that. but for this weekend just some shopping, drinks, and dinner, and who knows maybe i'll get a dirty makeout under the pier....:)

hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Friday, September 9th, 2005
8:59 am
long time, no post.
so for all of you who were wondering...i'm not dead.

i haven't posted anything since may and a whole lot of shit has transpired.

so here we go...

first, i started dating the afformentioned 22 year old, well that just ended this weekend and i'm a bit on the sad side. of course my realistic side is keeping those feelings in check seeing that right from the start i saw it going no place but i'm still sad just the same. i think the big problem is he is young, and confused about his sexuality and mostly afraid of what his friends and family think...me on the other hand, i'm old, real comfy being a fag and could care less what anyone thinks. that as a couple was a recipe for disaster.

second, i left my salon that i'd been at for almost seven years and started working at a good friend of mine's newer shop. her and i get along really well and the move has been nothing but positive. there were actually three of us stylists and one receptionist that all jumped ship and went to the same place so it feels totally normal and like we have been there forever. i'm still self employed, and our rent is much cheaper so cest la vie.

third, i was trying to buy a loft which also fell through last week (god damn i had a shitty week) due to financing problems. i guess in the greater scheme of things not buying this place is meant to be but what pisses me off most is that mortgage lenders see someone who is self employed and think your some sort of highrisk and try to fuck you with a high interest rate. i have near perfect credit and have been self employed for over six years with a decent profit every year but they still think you are shaky. whatever...they can go suck my dick.

so here is where i am now.

i need to get out of my apartment because my neighborhood is quickly going down the shitter and i no longer feel safe. but where do i go??? part of me thinks it may be time to leave providence but i'm not sure where i'd go and if i'm planning on leaving within a year why move out of here to a place i'd have to sign a lease for.
my work situation is great but i'm afraid that is the only thing i have going well right now.
and i swear that i will never date another bisexual man as long as i live. i've said it before and i'll say it again fags should date fags, and bi boys should date other bi boys.

why can't life ever be easy???

time for work.

i need to have a fun weekend or else i may have to hurt someone!
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
8:48 am
holy shit.....
....my life has been crazy the past two weeks...

tonight i'm doing hair for a fashion show in town. local designers, i'll probably know all the models, and they better feed me some beer or else!

then i'm hanging out with the 22 year old. his name is rob and we've been seeing alot of each other, especially since we only met two weeks ago today. i'm not sure what this is turning into but there has been lots of talking, lots of dates, and lots of fucking (which by the way, for those of you who forgot how much sex you can have when your 22...yikes...). i guess it would be o.k. to have a boyfriend who is alot younger right? he is very dreamy...tattoo's, piercings, wild curly hair, fair skin, nice belly....mmmmmm!

and i'm turning 34 in less than a week. holy fucking shit.

and i'm starting a big job change in a week and a half but more on that to come when it is a reality.

later gators!
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
10:03 am
what a week.
let me start by saying it's a wonder i'm still alive today seeing as i drank everything in providence yesterday. i went to brunch and started with mimosas and shots and kept it going until 2am at this huge party that friends of mine had where we had a private dance party with complete strangers that was totally sexy.
i also met this 22 year old boy (who is in a hardcore band...so dreamy) and went to see him play somewhere in the midst of my evening and ended up fooling around with him in my car that was parked in downtown providence after his show. hi there, can you say rogue-ish. that being said, i actually think this kid is pretty awesome and although there is over 11 years between our ages (ouch) it doesn't seem like a big deal. probably because i act like a freak 24/7 and he seems mature for his age....and besides, most guys i meet that are my age are boring and conservative.
on the agenda today...recovery...i've been painting the town all week and my poor body needs some rest.
and a bag of chips and a coke!
peace out.
Monday, April 25th, 2005
8:39 am
the fat lady sang.
i just got back from nyc and i had a fantastic time. the opera was amazing...only in new york can you experience a production like the one i saw yesterday. the obvious thing is how unbeleivable the singers are, then pair that with the staging, lighting, costumes, and choreography and you get an event you'll only see at lincoln center.
afterwards we walked thru central park to get to candle cafe (the most amazing vegan restaurant ever!) which was crazy because i couldn't even remember the last time i walked thru the park, but it was beautiful and we saw a bunch of people having a roller skating party so that was dope. the food at candle cafe was outstanding and i had the best dessert ever...vegan coconut cream pie...mmmmm...delicious!
sat. night we got wasted and had a great time but nothing nearly as special as our day on sunday...i didn't even try to make out with anyone!
my friend pauline rocks for taking me to the opera for an early b-day present! i love her.
time to start my day and run a million errands.
later boys.
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